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Reflections I

Now that my nomadic interests have wandered and wondered back to the Aztec mythos I find myself pulling out my old copy of the Markman and Markman book _The Flayed God_ and reading the following about Tezcatlipoca...(pg. 84)

"Nothing makes the complexity of Mesoamerican cosmological thought more apparent than the fact that Tezcatlipoca, the enigmatic trickster, was seen by the Aztecs as the apparent center of all reality...They seem to have felt that as one approaches the center, reality becomes progressively harder to understand and more difficult to control. At the center is a unity that is beyond man's power to even comprehend."

I like that. But I can't help but think that if you could sit down with an Aztec priest from 1500 he wouldn't express it that way and might not have that exact understanding... that exact interpretation.

And this gets me to the point that I wish to make. Even if a modern mind is trying to understand a deity from another time and another place in the original context, that modern mind automatically brings that deity into a new context...the here and now of its own consciousness.

Even on a "merely" conceptual level the deity is transformed by that new time and that new place. Into the magic circle of that modern mind a new understanding has been summoned. Take the generic example of any god/dess associated with the harvest or the cycles of the seasons. A university student (or a suburban witch) is not going to relate to that deity in the same way as its worshippers did 100s or 1000s of years ago. The context is too different.

But arising out of the mystery of the past shouldn't Tezcatlipoca especially enjoy that sort of situation. A god described as "protean" and as a "shape-shifter" might take great delight in being conjured up into the thoughts of a 21st century brain.

So what might a modern human see in the Obsidian Mirror?

(To be continued at my leisure!)
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