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Mirror, mirror

I stumbled across this group after I decided to list Tezcatlipoca as an interest. It looks like nothing has gone on here for quite some time, but I'll still throw something out there!

Listing an interest as it comes to mind can cause me to go back and review it a bit. So when it occurred to me to list Tez I pulled Brundage's book _The Fifth Sun_ off the shelf and rediscoverd an entire chapter dedicated to this one deity.

So what were my first impressions upon returning to this lost world?

Smoking Mirror, Obsidian Mirror, the mirror as His primary magical tool, a temple of mirrors devoted to Him (Why not use the capital H when Yahweh demands the same concession?)...a god that casts down and destroys at random...a god that loves to fuck with people...sometimes for better, but usually for worst. And His main name means Mirror.

If Tez is a mirror then, in essence, His being is a reflection of ours. When we dare to look we see only ourselves. Tez is, in part, what He reflects. And only humans truly understand what's going on when they look in a mirror. And within that mirror Tez incloses the chaos, the arbitrary, the cruel randomness of human existence. Does Tez distort the truth, or does He strip away lies?

Or, perhaps, when we look into the depths of this god we see into our own depths...where lurks the image of the primordial, paradoxical being that dwells within us...a divine thing concealed within us that is sometimes twisted and stunted, but still the image of a god.

Either way, when you look into Tez, you also are looking at yourself.
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