La Reine (queenanneboleyn) wrote in aztecmythology,
La Reine

Spiders and Bats?

Hello everyone. I find Aztec and Mayan mythology and cuture to be facinating. I often check books out from the library about them. 
I was curious though (and I tried looking on my own) if there is any detailed info about the role of spiders and bats in Aztec myth and religion. 
I read that bats were linked to the underworld and shamanistic death and there was a blurb on a site that brought up Mictlantecuhtli... but I have a feeling there is more info about bats and the Aztec out there. 
Mictlantecuhtli was also linked to spiders according to Wikipedia. 
And then there's the spider goddess-- the Teotihuacan Spider Goddess. I didn't find much info though.
So does anyone have any insight about Mictlantecuhtli, bats and/or spiders in Aztec myth? 
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