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More Ketzalcoatl, Florentine Codex

i'm reading the first book of
the florentine codex by Fray Bernardo
de Sahagun. It says that Quetzalcoatl
was called Topiltzin and was a ruler
of the Toltecs and 'although a man of saintly
life, he performed penances, he should not have
been worshipped.' Maybe the belief developed from
the man but i believe that sometimes we need to seek
the essence of the belief. the temple of Quetzalcoatl was
a place where sacrifice was not committed and even though the Mexica
may have sacrificed people they are not vain or inferior.
In one of the first few lines on pg.55 the codex says
"The people here on earth who know not God are not counted
as human; they are only vain, worthless." Senor Sahagun,
no human being is worthless.
I do take a strong position against the invasion of Mexico
and the cultural assimilation which came afterwards and hope that
Mexicans can be proud of all of their culture and speak the indigenous languages...
I am not Mexican or Native at all but still am very into Aztecs
and old Mexico.
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