domi333 (domi333) wrote in aztecmythology,

Cortez myths

hey everybody,
maybe this has already been discussed here but who gives a ....,
There is a big myth going around that when Cortez came to Mexico
he had been expected, some even say they thought he was a God?
Oh and by the way, is there anyone here who can speak Nahuatl (Classical
or Modern)? Anyone know the situation of the modern Aztecs(Nahuatls)? I know there's
a few million but nothing in detail referring to them, in English especially though I have found a lot of information on Mayan communities.

P.S. Has anyone read a book that talks of the invasion of Mexico by Cortez
and the other conquistadors, its part fact and fiction i.e. it has a narrative involving
Cortez, La Malintzin and many others... It talks of Cortez's military conquests and final subjugation of Tenochtitlan with the aid of subjugated nations of the Aztec empire.
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