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Hi, I'm new

My interest in Aztecs began many years ago when my dad got me a book called Aztec Inca and Maya. At the time, I was more captivated by the human sacrifice pages than anything else...Now I think they're just cool in general. I like their art, their chocolate, and I'm still wowed by the human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism.

I recently picked up a copy of Gary Jennings' book Aztec - can anybody tell me how accurate it is? Or better yet, why he decided the main character should be incestuously in love with his sister?
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hi! I don't know the answer to your question about how accurate this book... but... have you read fairy tales of Central and South America ?
I have noticed that in these tales very often people have different kinds of sexual perversed experiences.... interesting, why ?
For example, i am from Ukraine, and among Ukrainian fairy tales one cannot find so often this sexual theme, i am not even speaking about perversions
No I haven't, though I'm sure I will next semester when I take the class on indigenous people of central and south america.